Andrew Johnson
& Isabella Firth

On their wedding day
January 20, 1890

In 1895, this Victorian farmhouse was the center of the "Old Johnson Farm," as it was affectionately called by locals on the island. It was the home of Andrew (Andy) and Isabelle Johnson and their 11 children (7 girls & 4 boys.)

All of them worked very hard to maintain their 320 acre farm which consisted of a mile of waterfront on the southern part of the island. It was one of the most successful, self-sustaining farms in the San Juan Islands.

As the story goes, the "Old Johnson Farm" was so successful, Andy was able to finance others in beginning and/or maintaining their own farms. Before he died, word was that he burned all the notes of the people that owed him money.

In addition to the main house, one barn and a milk shed still stand on the property.

Hosts: Christian & Lea Andrade

146 Starlight Way
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
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