Hosts: Christian & Lea Andrade

We saw San Juan Island for the first time in May, 1985. At that time, we were happy living in San Francisco (17 years) and expected to live there forever. We loved our work: Lea was an art director for Wells Fargo Bank and Christian was a meeting planner/consultant. We immediately fell in love with the island, with all its beauty and tranquility. It simply captivated our hearts & souls.

On our way back to San Francisco, we instantly decided to move to the island. So a month later, we came back to look for a property that we could convert into a bed & breakfast and discovered the Old Johnson Farmhouse. As soon as we drove through the gate, before even looking at the house, we knew that this was what we wanted.

Our offer was accepted, we went back to San Francisco and put our house on the market, which sold quickly. We terminated our jobs, rented a couple of Ryder trucks to haul all our belongings and moved into the Old Johnson Farmhouse in November of the same year.

Olympic Lights was opened as a Bed & Breakfast in May, 1986.

And they lived happily ever after...


One of our passions is creating beautiful, joyful marimba music with our band, Kubatana. We have been playing concerts, events, parties, weddings and celebrations on San Juan Island year-round for 15 years. Summer time you'll find us performing outdoors weekly at the Port of Friday Harbor. You can also see us at the San Juan County Fair, the Lavender Festival and other events around the island.

Give us a call at 360-378-3186 for our performance schedule or to book us for your event.

Hosts: Christian & Lea Andrade

146 Starlight Way
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
(360) 378-3186